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Spinal Decompression

Do you suffer from chronic back pain? Is this pain so severe that it’s affecting your quality of life and experiences with others? Spinal decompression may be the effective treatment you’ve been searching for. Although the use of spinal decompression to relieve and prevent back pain is nothing new, what exactly does this process entail? Moreover, how effective is it at relieving back pain?

Spinal Decompression Defined 
Spinal decompression is primarily used to relieve pain associated with degenerated, herniated or bulging discs. Theoretically, spinal decompression works by creating negative pressure between spinal discs. This negative pressure allows discs to re-align with the spine.
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of spinal decompression is that by creating negative pressure, healing nutrients and other vital substances are able to enter the disc, which effectively promotes healing. This is essential for those who suffer from back pain due to degenerated cartilage.

How Decompression Therapy Works
Decompression therapy is typically carried out by placing a patient in a harness that slightly manipulates the lower body. The patient is typically lying on his back and the harness around the hips gently moves to provide relaxation and traction to the spinal column. By ever-so-gently pulling spinal discs apart, pressure is released and blood is able to deliver healing nutrients directly to damaged tissue and discs.
While this treatment is typically considered to be a pain-free procedure, the sensation of pulling and stretching is common. If you’re interested in this form of physical therapy, discuss its benefits and drawbacks with your physician.

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